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Read our articles to learn how a home warranty plan can protect you from accidental damages
and unanticipated repair charges. 

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Are Home Warranty Packages Customizable?

When purchasing a house, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the potential for added expenses. In the event of unforeseen repairs, a home warranty can offer peace of mind.

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Home Warranties: The Basics

If you own a home, you almost certainly have homeowner's insurance. That type of coverage is crucial, but it doesn't do a thing for you when appliances and systems break or fail due to normal wear and tear. Could you afford to repair or replace...

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When Should You Get A Home Warranty?

A business that provides a home warranty will pay for any repairs that your house needs, offer discounts for homeowners who have purchased other types of insurance and pay the cost of replacing a home that has been destroyed by a natural ...

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When Does a Home Warranty Pay For Repairs?

Many people acquire one-year home warranties when they buy houses or condo units. Others choose to supplement their homeowners insurance by purchasing this type of coverage. It fixes or replaces most major appliances and household systems...

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What is the Coverage Term for Home Warranties?

A home warranty is a contract that extends certain benefits to homeowners in case of failure of covered equipment, appliances and some structural components of a new or resale home. While coverage varies depending on the home warranty...

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The Benefits of a Premium Warranty for Your Home

A premium warranty for your home will cover all of your house's components, provide relatively low deductibles and pay for repairs that certain appliances require. Many companies that offer warranties will also thoroughly evaluate the...

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Whose Responsibility Is It to Buy Home Warranties?

When you are purchasing a home that you will occupy, it will be your responsibility to purchase the home warranty. In some instances, sellers will offer to buy it for you. They do this because home warranty plans usually last one year, and they...

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