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Don't get caught unprepared when a major appliance in your home breaks. Find the best protection
from unexpected costs on home repairs, and keep all of your major systems running all year round.

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Outstanding 9.9
$50 off any plan + 1 month free
Excellent 9.4
Save 40% on select plans
Excellent 9.1
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Why choose Choice Home Warranty?
Our Most Popular
Outstanding 9.9
5/5 stars
Well-rated customer service & cost effective premiums
  • Contractor dispatch system provides speedy service
  • Customers can sign-up for home maintenance reminders
  • 24/7 customer service call center
Special Offer: $50 off plus 1 month free
  • All plans are 100% transferrable to next homeowner
  • 1st month free regardless which service contract you purchase
  • If appliance can't be fixed, they'll replace it
  • Commercial-grade equipment not covered in contracts
  • Rust and power surges excluded from plans
Spotlight Testimonial

Val C.

"Within 30 min. of our claim, we received a call to schedule a repair scheduled for the same day (a weekend)!"
Why choose Select Home Warranty?
Comprehensive Plans
Excellent 9.4
4.5/5 stars
Smaller home warranty company with dedicated customers
  • Customer service claim line available 24/7/365
  • Get 2 free months of coverage with signup
  • Covered items receive a repair or replace guarantee
Special Offer: Enroll today and get $150 off
  • If appliance can't be fixed, they'll replace it
  • Online chat available to answer questions
  • Claims can be made by telephone, email, or online form
  • Does not cover items that have previously been repaired
  • First 3 months of coverage value are limited
Spotlight Testimonial

Bill Friese

"Treated with respect. Answered all questions to my satisfaction and offered a good product for a reasonable price."
Why choose Total Home protection?
Excellent 9.1
3.5/5 stars
Qualified and fast service contractors
  • Network of trusted contractors with fast coverage
  • 24/7 support and low trade-service fee
  • Site is easy to navigate for making a claim
Special Offer: $50 off plus 1 month free
  • Pre-screened local professionals
  • Monthly and annual plans made to fit any household budget
  • Round-the-clock support plus live chat
  • Some basic items not covered on gold plan
  • Pricing isn’t provided on site - requires quote
Spotlight Testimonial

Solomon Jesse

"They’ve proven that their warranty is well worth it by providing awesome customer service..."
Why choose American Home Shield?
Very Good 8.8
3/5 stars
A trusted source of coverage for millions of Americans
  • Fully customizable home warranty plans
  • $2 billion paid in service requests in the last 5 years
  • Over 14,000 qualified professionals through all states
Call now to get a free quote
  • Discounts available for appliance and air filters
  • Make a claim online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week
  • Home inspections not required before approval
  • Service call fees may increase to $125
  • Quality of contractors depends on location
Spotlight Testimonial

Ilene Steele

"The plumber showed up on time, was courteous and professional. I would hire him again."
Why choose First American Home Warranty?
Good 8.3
4/5 stars
Provides extensive coverage to homeowners nationwide
  • Large and established network of service providers
  • 24/7 claims service and work is guaranteed
  • Plans have higher repair limits than many providers
Call now to get a free quote
  • Covers issues caused by rust and corrosion
  • Items not covered are clearly listed
  • Records not required for approval
  • Service fee higher than industry average
  • Items repaired or replaced only when parts are available
Spotlight Testimonial

Jamie Emerick

"I have had two plumbing related issues in the last month...and am grateful to the quick service from FAHW..."
Why choose AFC Home Club?
Good 8.1
4.5/5 stars
Affordable plans to match any homeowner's needs
  • $7,500 annual claim limit - higher than other companies
  • Additional benefits such as the Retail Rebate program
  • Contractor appointments made within 8 hours
Special Offer: Get 1st month free
  • Limits of liability clearly spelled out on website
  • Getting a quote is quick and easy
  • Additional coverage is available for items not included in the general plans
  • Company not yet listed with the Better Business Bureau
  • Company not liable for any of the work performed by the contractors
Spotlight Testimonial

John Bradding

"I just want to let everyone know that AFC Home Club is the best service I have had."
Why choose Liberty Home Guard?
Fair 7.6
4/5 stars
Comprehensive plans suitable for homeowners
  • Personalized plans starting at $1 per day
  • Submit claims by phone or online
  • Only ‘LHG-Certified’ expert technicians dispatched
Special Offer: Get 1st month free
  • No inspection needed before purchasing a plan
  • Option available to use a private contractor in place of one from Liberty Home Guard’s network
  • 60-day guarantee on all covered work
  • Customized quote needed for exact pricing information
  • Rust and corrosion excluded from plans
Spotlight Testimonial

Steven Martin

"They had me with a service tech almost immediately and had my claim paid within a week."
Why choose Advanced Home Warranty?
Fair 7.2
3/5 stars
Nationwide service with dedicated customer support
  • Ideal for homeowners looking to increase resale value
  • Limits of liability are clearly published on the site
  • Contractor dispatch system provides speedy service
Special Offer: first month free
  • Claims hotline available 24/7 to customers
  • Limits of liability clearly displayed online
  • Additional coverage available for items not included
  • Not liable for contractor work
  • Premium must be reached before coverage begins
Spotlight Testimonial
"The technician arrived the next morning (my call was placed on Sunday evening). He fixed the problem right away."
Why choose Amazon Home Warranty?
Fair 7.0
3.5/5 stars
        Spotlight Testimonial
        Why choose InHome Warranty?
        Fair 6.5
        3/5 stars
        Basic home warranty plans and affordable premiums
        • Add-on options for additional systems and appliances.
        • Customers can sign-up for home maintenance reminders
        • Contractor appointments scheduled within 2 days
        Special Offer: first month free
        • 24/7 customer service hotline
        • Customers receive personalized service representative
        • Local contractors for speedy service
        • Information difficult to find online
        • Premium must be reached before coverage begins
        Spotlight Testimonial

        Jamie, Chandler AZ

        " I have used In House for several repairs at my home and for the most part have been pleased with their service."

        Must Reads


        What Home Warranty Has to Offer to a Homeowner

        You just purchased your dream house along with the all the perfect décor that turns your dream house into your dream home. It's been a few months and everything is unpacked and placed in its designated spot within your new home. So you turn your attention to rebuilding your savings account since it was depleted from the biggest and most important purchase of your life. However, within a few months of living in your dream home, you experience a costly unexpected expense when your heater blows out during the winter.

        With a new mortgage payment and a limited amount in savings, you're looking at numerous financial options on how to pay for this unexpected expense. Fortunately, you purchased a home protection plan that will cover this expense as well as any major systems and appliances that may need repair or replacement in your home.

        What Does a Home Warranty Include?

        Home warranties typically include coverage the following major appliances and systems:

        • Central air conditioning systems

        • Central heating systems

        • Humidifiers

        • Interior electrical systems

        • Refrigerators

        • Ranges, ovens, and cooktops

        • Dishwashers

        • Built-in microwaves

        • Water heaters

        • Plumbing systems 

        • Garbage disposals

        • Washers and dryers

        • Garage door openers

        • Roof leaks

        When Do You Need a Home Warranty?

        Home warranties are offered to all homeowners whether they are new or existing. Typically, home warranty plans are offered to the home-buyer when they are purchasing a new home. However, if the buyer decides not to purchase home warranty insurance simultaneously with their home purchase, then they can secure a home protection plan at a later date. There is no time restriction as to when a homeowner can decide to purchase a warranty plan.

        Cost Involved with a Warranty for Your Home

        Typically, a home warranty costs a couple hundred dollars, which can be paid in a lump sum amount during the purchase of a new home. This lump sum payment would be collected at the time closing costs are due for the newly purchased home. However, the seller, real estate agent or a family member or friend can purchase home warranties on behalf of a home-buyer. If a home appliance insurance claim is filed then the homeowner may be responsible for paying a service fee or deductible that typically ranges from $50 to $100. Please note, home warranty companies have different contract agreements therefore, fee amounts may vary.

        Home Warranty Process

        Filing a claim is a very simple process. Prior to filing your claim, review your insurance contract to verify the item that you need to repair or replace is covered under your plan. Once you verify this information, you'll complete the following steps:

        1. Contact your home warranty insurance company to file a claim.

        2. The warranty company will review their home warranty plans to verify that you have a plan that covers the item in question.

        3. The warranty company will schedule an appointment for you with a local contractor.

        4. The contractor will diagnosis the situation and makes a recommendation to repair or replace the item in question.

        5. Repairs and replacements will be carried out.

        6. You will pay a cost in the form of a service fee to the warranty company.

        7. Process is complete.


        As there are many providers to choose from that have a variety of plan options; the best home warranty companies depend on how they can meet the needs of your home. The best way to select the right home protection plan for you is by doing your research on what each company has to offer with their plans. For instance, if you have a home with older appliances then you may be interested in locating a plan that has home appliance insurance. Want to learn more before choosing? Here are some tips and tricks to get you up-to-date.

        Convinced? Check out our expert written reviews for information on the top providers for home warranty. Once you've selected the plan that best fits your needs, you'll join the many homeowners that have peace of mind because they are protected by one of the top home warranty companies.