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Home Warranties: The Basics

If you own a home, you almost certainly have homeowner's insurance. That type of coverage is crucial, but it doesn't do a thing for you when appliances and systems break or fail due to normal wear and tear. Could you afford to repair or replace...

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An expert explaining to elderly the top 6 reasons to get a home warranty plan

6 Reasons to Get Yourself a Home Warranty Plan

A home warranty is a wonderful thing to have; it gives homeowners and renters the peace of mind that their home appliances can be repaired for just a fraction of the cost. But nothing is perfect, and a home warranty isn't for everyone. Here is our...

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An expert explaining to young couple all the things that they need to know before buying a home warranty

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Home Warranty

Home warranties are similar to insurance policies because they are written for a specified length of time. Most home warranties cover your property for one year, but your coverage doesn’t have to end at that time. You can renew it before the...

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guide to home warranty choices

Guide to Choosing the Best Home Warranty

You’re right to look for a home warranty, offering peace of mind in the event of an emergency. This policy will keep the cost down to an affordable monthly or annual fee which can be factored into your budget, with no surprises...

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Are Home Warranty Packages Customizable?

When purchasing a house, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the potential for added expenses. In the event of unforeseen repairs, a home warranty can offer peace of mind.

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An expert explain why you should get home warranty

When Should You Get A Home Warranty?

A business that provides a home warranty will pay for any repairs that your house needs, offer discounts for homeowners who have purchased other types of insurance and pay the cost of replacing a home that has been destroyed by a natural ...

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