When Should You Get A Home Warranty?

A business that provides a home warranty will pay for any repairs that your house needs, offer discounts for homeowners who have purchased other types of insurance and pay the cost of replacing a home that has been destroyed by a natural disaster or a fire. Some aspects of a house that can affect the price of the warranty include the home's structural integrity, the age of the residence and the geographical features that surround the house.


A homeowner should obtain a warranty if the residence is located in an area that frequently experiences hurricanes or tornadoes. When a house's window is shattered by debris and high-speed winds, the company will send a highly experienced contractor to the residence to perform repairs.

If the structure has been built to handle certain types of storms, the business may provide a discount for the warranty. Moreover, the company will likely offer a lower price to cover a home that is located on particularly high ground.

Heavy Rain

Numerous studies have indicated that the roofs of houses that are situated in locations with frequent, torrential downpours are three times as likely to need repairs than the majority of roofs. Each time a shingle is damaged, the provider of the home warranty will repair the weakened section of the roof for free.

Older Homes

The majority of businesses charge lower prices for warranties that protect houses that were constructed before 1970. Although these homes are more likely to need repairs, the provider of the warranty will charge reduced deductibles to fix parts of the home that could affect the safety of the inhabitants, such as the main structure, the roof, the windows and old appliances.

Getting A Free Quote

By signing up for a free estimate on our website, you will be able to compare the home warranties that are offered by numerous providers. You can buy one of the warranties on our site or over the phone, and usually, the provider will send an expert to inspect your house within five days of the purchase.

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