2-10 Home Warranty Review


2-10 is a prestigious home warranty provider that hasn’t grown stuffy and old. Despite being around for more than 30 years, this 1970s company still has a crisp, modern website and an innovative service model. Headquartered in Denver, this Colorado-based provider is responsible for the wellbeing of almost 6 million homes across the United States. Covering both new and pre-owned properties, 2-10 is not only a friend of the homeowner but also a powerful partner of builders and real estate professionals. Concentrating on providing the highest possible savings and the lowest possible risk, this B+ rated BBB company has an outstanding reputation and it’s easy to see why.

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Packages, Plans & Prices

2-10 is a little different to most home warranty providers. It offers three main packages, not dissimilar to its competitors, but it offers customization like you’ve never seen. Whilst the ‘Major Systems Package’ will cover your core units like A/C and heating - and the ‘Appliances Only Package’ speaks for itself – both can be made highly bespoke. To combine the two – you can purchase the ‘Enhanced Coverage’ which is a full protection service, this will cost you $499 per year. ‘Appliances Only’ is the cheapest at $274 per year and ‘Major Systems’ will set you back $399.

Coverage offered across the three plans outlined above can include heating – gas, electric, oil, steam, wall units, ductwork and gas lines. Air conditioning coverage includes refrigeration systems, heat pumps, coolers, wall units, thermostats and 13-SEER and HCFC-22 systems. Appliance coverage is available and can protect ranges, ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, garbage disposals, washers, dryers and trash compactors. Plumbing covers piping, toilets, valves, pressure regulators, stoppages, heaters and sump pumps – whilst electrical coverage includes wiring, panels, switches and fans.

All plans can be customized with any of the above, but are also eligible for pool, spa and septic cover individually.

Customer Support

As one of the few home warranty companies to offer an online chat function, we were impressed from the beginning with 2-10. Customer support can also be reached via an online contact form, dedicated phone lines, e-mail addresses and by good old-fashioned mail. Along with the online resources and the 2-10 newsletters, the company is generally one of the rare honest and transparent providers that we’re lucky to come across now and again. We had excellent service from the team when writing this review; all of our questions were answered swiftly and politely.

Bottom Line

2-10 is one of the most established, successful and respected home warranty providers around. With a vast range of choices on offer to homeowners and real estate professionals – it’s easy to see why 2-10 is a top choice for personal and business alike. Offering a rapid-response and eminently reliable home warranty service to most of the United States, it’s hard to overlook 2-10 in your search for the best.

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